DSRCV is a cutting-edge streetwear brand based in the UK, known for its unique designs and high-quality apparel that resonate with urban culture enthusiasts worldwide. The brand is widely popular for delivering stylish and comfortable streetwear that reflects the dynamic and diverse nature of contemporary street fashion. With a strong focus on creativity and authenticity, DSRCV has carved out a niche in the highly competitive fashion industry, appealing to trendsetters and fashion-forward individuals.
DSRCV approached us with a crucial issue: their conversion rate from international visitors was significantly lower than desired. Despite attracting substantial traffic from various countries, the brand was not seeing a corresponding increase in sales. DSRCV needed a comprehensive solution to optimize their online store, enhance the shopping experience for international customers, and ultimately boost their global conversion rates.
DSRCV faced several challenges, including low conversion rates from global visitors, a lack of localized shopping experiences, and a generic checkout process that did not cater to the specific needs of customers from different regions.
Services Provided & Features Implemented
Using our expertise in Shopify and understanding what makes customers buy decor online, we implemented several key features and design elements
Mega Dropdown Menu
We organized products and categories intuitively for seamless navigation, making it easy for customers to find what they need.
Cart Drawer
We enhanced the shopping experience with a sleek cart drawer, allowing customers to view and manage their cart without leaving the current page.
Custom Filters
We integrated advanced filters to help customers easily find specific products, enhancing their shopping journey.
Localization Features
We implemented localization features to offer a tailored shopping experience for international customers, including language options and regional preferences.
Currency Converter
We enabled transactions in local currencies, providing convenience for international customers.
Customized Checkout Page
We designed the checkout process to accommodate different languages and regional preferences, ensuring a smooth and personalized purchasing experience.
To address DSRCV's concerns, we provided a complete Shopify redesign focused on localization features. Our goal was to create a seamless and engaging shopping experience for international customers, ensuring that they felt catered to and valued.
The new Shopify website for DSRCV is fully responsive and optimized for quick loading times, providing a seamless user experience. The localization features, including language options and regional preferences, have significantly enhanced the shopping experience for international customers. The customized checkout page, tailored to different regions, and the currency converter have made transactions more convenient and personalized. By addressing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of DSRCV’s website, we helped elevate its online presence, establishing it as a leader in the global streetwear market.