KRB is a distinguished design showroom founded by Kate Rheinstein Brodsky, renowned for her unique blend of classic and contemporary styles. Located in New York City, KRB offers a curated collection of exquisite home decor, antiques, and exclusive furnishings. Kate’s discerning eye for detail and passion for interior design have positioned KRB as a go-to destination for those seeking sophisticated and timeless pieces that transform any space.
KRB approached Daminico with the need to redesign its existing website on Shopify while establishing Kate Rheinstein Brodsky as a prominent designer. Despite having a strong brand presence and distinctive product offerings, the current website did not fully capture the essence of Kate’s design philosophy. The objective was to create a website that highlights Kate’s expertise, showcases the unique product range, and provides a seamless shopping experience for users.
The existing website failed to present the brand's vibrant and sophisticated image and lacked essential e-commerce functionalities. Additionally, the design needed to better highlight Kate Rheinstein Brodsky’s prowess as a designer and narrate a story that captivated visitors. The website also had to be mobile-responsive to cater to a wider audience and ensure a consistent user experience across all devices.
Services Provided & Features Implemented
Using our expertise in Shopify and understanding what makes customers buy decor online, we implemented several key features and design elements
Mega Dropdown Menu
We organized products and categories intuitively for seamless navigation using a Javascript Mega dropdown menu, making it easy for customers to find what they need.
Cart Drawer
We enhanced the shopping experience with a sleek cart drawer allowing customers to view and manage their cart without leaving the current page. AJAX cart supports related product information.
Custom Filters
Integrating advanced filters helped customers easily find specific products, enhancing their shopping journey with efficient and user-friendly features that simplify searches.
Purchase Inquiry
Facilitated easy communication between customers and the brand for smooth enquiry. A smooth enquiry process is crucial for high-ticket items as customers need assurance before ordering.
Download Tearsheet
We added functionality for customers to download product information sheets, catering to designers and clients who need detailed specs. These PDF sheets can be managed from Shopify's backend.
Data Migration
We helped successfully migrate content from Lighthouse to Shopify, ensuring all product information, images, and metadata were transferred accurately and efficiently.
To address these issues, Daminico provided comprehensive Shopify design and development services. Our goal was to create a high-converting, visually stunning website that enhances the shopping experience and aligns with KRB’s premium brand identity.
The redesigned KRB website fully reflects the brand’s premium and sophisticated image, better presenting Kate Rheinstein Brodsky's design expertise. The new Shopify platform provides robust e-commerce capabilities, making it easier for customers to discover and purchase decor pieces. Features like the mega dropdown menu and cart drawer enhance the shopping experience, while the data migration ensures a seamless transition. By addressing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of KRB’s website, Daminico helped elevate its online presence, establishing it as a leader in the home decor industry.