Tracy Glover Studio is renowned for its exquisite glass artistry, offering a unique blend of clean lines, jewel tones, and innovative craftsmanship. Founded by Tracy Glover, who trained under Belgian and Venetian glass masters, the studio’s creations elevate familiar forms into sophisticated pieces. Tracy Glover Studio collaborates closely with clients to create bespoke works that stand out in the world of contemporary art and design.
Tracy Glover Studio approached us with the need to redesign their existing website in Shopify while better presenting the designer. Despite a strong brand presence and distinctive product offerings, the current website lacked an upbeat look and essential e-commerce functionality. The objective was to create a platform to highlight Tracy Glover’s artistic creations while enhancing user engagement and smooth transactions.
The existing website failed to reflect the brand's premium and modern aesthetics, and it lacked essential e-commerce functionalities. Additionally, the design needed to narrate a story that highlighted the designer's unique vision and craftsmanship. Moreover, the website had to be mobile-responsive to cater to a wider audience.
Services Provided & Features Implemented
Using our expertise in Shopify and understanding what makes customers buy decor online, we implemented several key features and design elements
Shopify Design & Development
We conducted detailed audits and gave comprehensive presentations. These offered actionable insights and guided GermanKabirski’s team towards continuous improvement and success.
Conversion Rate Optimization
We analyzed user behavior on the website to identify areas where visitors dropped off during the purchase journey.
Speed Optimization
We implemented technical solutions to improve website speed, ensuring a smoother user experience and faster page loads.
A/B Testing
We carried out A/B testing to evaluate different variations of key pages. We identified the most effective design and functional elements to boost conversions.
Comprehensive Website Audit
We conducted a thorough audit of GermanKabirski’s website, identifying key areas for improvement and presenting our findings to their team. This helped pinpoint the critical issues affecting conversion rates and user experience.
Code Optimization for Speed
To fix the slow loading speed, we optimized the website’s code, making it run more efficiently. This significantly improved the website's loading performance, providing a smoother and faster user experience.
To address these issues, we provided comprehensive Shopify design and development services along with video editing to enhance the visual appeal of the site. Our goal was to create a high-converting, visually stunning website that enhances the shopping experience and aligns with Tracy Glover Studio’s premium brand identity.
The newly designed Shopify website for Tracy Glover Studio is fully responsive and optimized for quick loading times, providing a seamless user experience. The high-converting design enables easy product discovery and purchase, while features like the mega dropdown menu and AJAX cart enhance shopping. We strategically positioned the brand to highlight its premium offerings and unique story, boosting overall user engagement and sales. By addressing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of Tracy Glover Studio’s website, we helped elevate its online presence, establishing it as a leader in the art and design industry.