Zavi is a pioneering fashion brand that places sustainability at the heart of its operations. Dedicated to creating stylish and eco-friendly clothing, Zavi uses a variety of sustainable materials such as LENZING™ fabric, organic cotton, recycled wool, vegan silk, bamboo and more. Each piece is designed to ensure minimal impact on the planet while maintaining high standards of quality and style. Zavi's is committed to ethical manufacturing processes, aiming to lead the “green” change in the fashion industry.
Zavi approached us with the need to build a new website from scratch, one that reflects their commitment to luxury and sustainability. The goal was to create a mobile-responsive, visually stunning e-commerce platform that would provide a seamless and luxurious shopping experience.
One of the key challenges was to convey the luxury aspect of Zavi’s sustainable clothing line while ensuring that the e-commerce platform was mobile-responsive. Additionally, it was crucial to clearly communicate Zavi's unique value proposition and the high quality of its eco-friendly products in an engaging and easily navigable way.
Services Provided & Features Implemented
Using our expertise in Shopify and understanding what makes customers buy decor online, we implemented several key features and design elements
Mega Dropdown Menu
Organized products and categories intuitively for seamless navigation, making it easy for customers to find what they need.
Cart Drawer
Enhanced the shopping experience with a sleek cart drawer, allowing customers to view and manage their cart without leaving the current page.
Custom Filters
Integrated advanced filters to help customers easily find specific products, enhancing their shopping journey.
Purchase Inquiry
Facilitated a smooth inquiry process for high-ticket items, ensuring easy communication between customers and the brand.
Currency Converter
Implemented a currency converter to cater to international customers, providing them with the convenience of viewing prices in their local currency.
Mobile Responsiveness
Ensured the website was fully responsive, providing an optimal shopping experience on all devices.
To meet Zavi's requirements, we provided comprehensive Shopify design and development services. The solution included several key features aimed at enhancing the user experience and aligning with the brand's luxury identity.
The new Shopify website for Zavi is fully responsive and optimized for quick loading times, providing a seamless user experience. The high-converting design enables easy product discovery and purchase, while features like the mega dropdown menu and AJAX cart enhance the shopping experience. By addressing both the aesthetic and functional aspects, we successfully elevated Zavi's online presence, positioning them as a leader in sustainable luxury fashion. By addressing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of Zavi’s website, we helped elevate its online presence, establishing it as a leader in the sustainable luxury fashion market.